Mexico City

Juan José López de Silanes
(52) (55) 5261 0540

Aeronautical and Airport


The area offers, among other services, the following:

  • Legal advice on the exploitation, use and exploitation of the national airspace by civil air transportation, as well as on the construction, administration, operation and exploitation of air terminals.
  • Issues related to the Mexican legal framework, including obtaining licenses and permits to provide domestic and international air transportation services.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for the purchase and sale, financing, chartering, leasing and mortgaging of aircraft and turbines.
  • Obtaining technical approvals for aircraft operation, including manuals, certificates and licenses.
  • Obtaining concessions and permits to exploit air transportation and to operate aeronautical workshops.
  • Aircraft insurance and reinsurance.
  • Registration and deregistration of aircraft.
  • Negotiating and obtaining airspace use, landing rights and airport access.
  • Preparation of contracts and other documentation related to cargo and passenger services.
  • Obtaining the required concessions and permits to provide services and operate airport terminals.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts with airports for the supply of airport, complementary and commercial services, leasing of facilities and fuel supply.
  • Issues related to aircraft ground handling.
  • Administrative and judicial proceedings.
  • Air liability issues.
  • Corporate and planning matters related to operations in Mexico.
  • Control and analysis of legal risks.

In addition, we have extensive experience in dealing with aeronautical authorities, including the designation of routes in accordance with applicable international agreements, obtaining authorizations to operate extra cargo sections and to modify regular airline operating schedules.