Basham, Ringe y Correa is one of the leading full-service law firms in Latin America. Established in Mexico in 1912, Basham draws a century of experience assisting its clients in conducting business throughout Mexico and abroad. The firm’s clients include prominent international corporations, many of them on the Fortune 500 List, medium-sized companies, financial institutions and individuals.

The firm’s large group of lawyers and support staff are committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. Constantly exposed to the international legal system, many of Basham, Ringe y Correa’s lawyers and other professionals have completed graduate studies at foreign universities and have worked at companies and law firms abroad.

Basham’s preventive and strategic advice on all types of law allows the firm to offer its clients effective, complete and timely solutions to their concerns. The firm’s in-depth knowledge and insight into the international as well as the domestic market, including economic trends and current affairs, give the firm a solid base and perspective in order to offer fully-integrated and tailored solutions to every client.

Our lawyers actively participate in international institutions and operations, which allows for an exchange of information and experience that strengthens the firm's ability to adapt to the needs of an ever-changing environment, providing business opportunities for clients.

Every client expects objective and efficient solutions which can be trusted and relied upon. Basham’s lawyers are highly experienced and recognized leaders in their fields.

The firm has regulatory and practical expertise in all areas of modern practice and advises clients on investment, joint ventures, domestic and international tax planning, in-bond manufacturing (maquiladoras), tax, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and contracts, antitrust, banking and finance, securities, bankruptcy, trusts, insurance, business organizations, international trade, NAFTA and WTO matters, anti-dumping duties, intellectual property, administrative law, public bidding, privatizations, government regulations, immigration, labor, social security, consumer protection, environmental law, health, energy, telecommunications, air, land, and maritime transportation, tourism, civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, criminal law, estate planning, real estate and agrarian matters.


"Basham is the only firm in Mexico that, through more than a century of intense professional activity, has been recognised by the legal community of Mexico as having "the Basham School".

 This term, rightfully earned, is a product of the fact that the organisation, since its inception, has been concerned and concerned with training excellent lawyers from an early age. To this end, the most experienced partners and associates have the deep conviction and mission to teach and share their experience with the younger ones, just as they received it from their superiors over the decades.

 For this reason, one of the Firm's priorities is to admit trainees and very young lawyers to its ranks, in order to initiate this valuable process of continuing professional education for those who will eventually become the future of the Institution.

 This also explains why all areas of the Firm provide services with a particular and unmistakable "stamp" of clarity, excellence and integrity, adjectives that define Basham.  

 These qualities, unique and characteristic of Basham, have generated the recognition of all and sundry of being a great Firm, of a solid institutional stability and of a long and successful 110 years in the Mexican legal concert".


Provide full legal services that reflect our commitment to justice through excellence and professionalism.


Being a firm of prestige and national recognition and international leader in its field, constantly improving and developing. Being formed by partners committed, personally and professionally made. Having the loyalty of our customers and their complete satisfaction with our services.


Customer service: we strive to fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Teamwork: as members of the firm, we collaborate with all its members for the benefit of the client.

Teamwork: as members of the firm, we collaborate with all members of the firm for the benefit of the client.

Professionalism: we conduct ourselves with quality, honesty and ethics in each and every one of our actions.

Commitment: we always comply with the agreements we agree with each other and with our clients.

Respect: escuchamos y tomamos en cuenta a todos los miembros de la firma. 

Imagen: cuidamos que nuestros actos reflejen nuestra excelencia.

Results: we focus on achieving the individual objectives and goals, the service areas and the institution.