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At Basham Corporativo we are also dedicated to the preparation and negotiation of civil and commercial contracts and agreements, including those related to the acquisition and sale of businesses and companies, mergers, acquisitions or co-investments in various branches of industry and commerce, with both national and international participants. In addition, we provide advice in the areas of tax law, antitrust law, labor law, environmental law, immigration, customs, industrial property, among others.

In addition to the preparation and negotiation of typical or atypical agreements and contracts, we offer the following services:

  • Legal audits.
  • Corporate Regularization.
  • Preparation and resolution of shareholder and co-investment agreements and contracts.
  • Preparation of civil, commercial and/or atypical contracts.
  • Negotiation of joint ventures, acquisitions and/or mergers.
  • Analysis and support to obtain authorizations, permits and licenses as a result of the execution of contracts.