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Environmental Law, National Waters and Climate Change


Environmental regulation in Mexico is broad and, not infrequently, complex, since it includes a large number of matters of its own and others that are more closely linked to other branches of law.

The Environmental Law and National Waters practice offers comprehensive solutions to the firm's clients in all matters related to compliance with the environmental regulations in force in Mexico. Our services include both consulting and litigation in matters related to: national waters, environmental impact and risk, remediation and transfer of contaminated sites, air emissions and climate change, wastewater discharges, hazardous waste and materials, wildlife, etc.

Our team is comprised of lawyers specialized in this area, with extensive experience in the way in which the country's environmental authorities apply and interpret environmental regulations. If the nature of the matter requires it, our lawyers collaborate with professionals from other related disciplines to offer our clients an integral solution to their matters.

Among the services offered by the Environmental Law and National Waters practice are, among others:

  • Advice and representation in the area of national waters and discharge of wastewater into water bodies under federal jurisdiction.
  • Advising on issues related to mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of assets, real estate transactions, etc.
  • Advice for the opening of new facilities in the country, including site evaluation and regulatory aspects related to the construction and operation of the facility (e.g. industrial plants, distribution centers, etc.).
  • Permanent vacating of industrial facilities.
  • Design and execution of voluntary environmental audits to identify non-compliances and associated risks.
  • Advisory for the remediation and transfer of environmental liabilities.
  • Advice and representation before administrative authorities, as well as administrative and judicial courts in the country.
  • Pro-bono collaboration with research institutes and International Non-Governmental Organizations on legal analysis.