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Foreign Investments


In the corporate area we provide advice regarding the activities of domestic companies with foreign investment and foreign companies under Mexican law.

In order to comply with the applicable legislation, Basham Corporativo offers, among others, the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies, opening of branches and subsidiaries, representative offices and permanent establishments, including the processing of permits before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the incorporation of companies, changes of name or corporate name and transformations.
  • Preparation of minutes of shareholders' and board meetings, in which the approval of corporate fiscal years, modifications with respect to board members or commissioners, granting of powers of attorney, capital increases and decreases, transformations, mergers, spin-offs, dissolutions and liquidations are resolved.
  • Handling, updating and custody of corporate books and records of companies, as well as public deeds and powers of attorney.
  • Preparation and updating of entries in the books of registers of registered shares or members' shares and variations in capital.
  • Certifications regarding the integration of the capital stock.
  • Issuance of provisional certificates, share certificates, as well as their endorsement.
  • Processing before notaries and public brokers of the formalization or certification of transactions and notarization of minutes.
  • Registration of companies and branches with the National Registry of Foreign Investments and follow-up on compliance with obligations before said agency, including the preparation and filing of notices regarding corporate movements, as well as the review and filing of annual and quarterly financial reports.
  • Obtaining authorizations from the National Foreign Investment Commission.
  • Processing of registration in the Public Registry of Commerce of public deeds or policies that require it (incorporation, amendments, granting of powers of attorney, changes in the Board of Directors, etc.).
  • Investigations in the Public Registry of Property, as well as in the Public Registry of Commerce.
  • Apostille and legalization of public documents.
  • Advice on partnerships and co-investments.