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Privacy & Data Protection


Basham, Ringe y Correa have provided consultancy and litigation services in the field of personal data protection under the highest standards of professionalism for over 13 years. Our Firm, through the specialized practice area of Privacy, Information Technology, and Personal Data Protection, has advised numerous Mexican clients, predominantly from the United States, Europe, and Asia, representing various sectors, including banking, finance, digital commerce, automotive, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Thanks to the trust our clients have placed in us and our position as a leading Firm in Mexico, our personal data area has been able to contribute to the continuity of their businesses in the country and facilitate their entry into the Mexican market.

Privacy and personal data protection have become a cornerstone in the regulatory landscape of businesses, as the importance of safeguarding personal data has increased. On one hand, there is a high economic risk associated with experiencing a breach of personal data. Additionally, reputational damage can have a defining impact on society's trust in the company's services. Moreover, the relevance of personal data in a company's operations stems from technology, which has become an essential part of every organization's processes, and in some cases, a core part of their main activities. Considering that personal data is invariably present in technology, its protection has become paramount. 

It is essential for every company, based on its own needs, to have a policy for protection against cybersecurity risks, along with a privacy and personal data protection program that complies with the requirements established by law. These measures should foster a culture of prevention that safeguards the personal data of their clients. 

Below, we share a list of some of the legal consultancy and litigation services offered by the department:

  • Design and implementation of a management system for data processing, security, and regulatory compliance.
  • Analysis of data flow in operations, applications, and business projects.
  • Identification of applicable consent or selection of legal basis for the processing of personal data. 
  • Drafting and review of Privacy Notices for employees, websites, patients, clients, and applications, among others.
  • Drafting and review of privacy policies, teleworking policies, information security policies, codes of conduct, and self-regulation. 
  • Data Protection Officer services for handling requests and other topics according to specific needs.
  • Privacy by Design analysis and Impact Assessments for the implementation of new processes and/or projects.
  • Courses and/or training on privacy and personal data protection. 
  • Review and drafting of contracts for the protection and transfer of personal data with suppliers and third parties. 
  • Audits to verify compliance with Mexican data protection legislation. 
  • Legal opinions on processes, practices, projects, and activities of the company.
  • Legal advice in contentious procedures in the matter. 

Similarly, we provide customized advisory services tailored to the needs of our clients and their transnational businesses. Our lawyers will be delighted to assist you and achieve a balance between personal data protection and the growth of your business.