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Renewable Energy and Electricity


Our firm advises national and international companies in the provision of services related to the electricity sector and projects based on renewable energy sources. We have an experienced team to advise investors to invest in Mexico in electricity generation.

Basham has experience in the renewable energy industry. We are pleased to assist domestic and international investors and developers interested in business opportunities in Mexico, whose sector has been expanding since 2013.

We represent major companies in the renewable energy sector by providing a full range of legal services, including audits of renewable energy projects, legal advice on real estate matters, obtaining and renewing authorizations and permits from federal, state and/or municipal authorities for the development of projects, assistance in the sale or supply of equipment to individuals and public entities, as well as in the purchase of companies and assets in the sector. The lawyers and engineers in our group work closely with lawyers from other areas in the firm advising our clients regarding renewable energy projects.

Our experience has increased over the years; currently our firm prides itself in handling electric power and renewable energy projects, among others related to wind and solar projects, including advising on real estate issues where such projects are being developed; energy regulation applicable to the sector; preparation of contracts related to the sector, including the purchase and sale of electric power, as well as engineering, procurement and construction; advising on the design and financing of all phases of the project, up to its due execution, in accordance with the applicable regulations; preparation of contracts related to the sector, including power purchase and sale contracts, as well as engineering, procurement and construction contracts; advice on the design and financing of all phases of the project, up to its due execution in accordance with Mexican law (co-generation, self-supply, independent power producers, import/export schemes, etc.).).


  1. Development and financing of electric power projects;
  2. Advice on regulatory and environmental issues;
  3. Advice on climate change projects;
  4. Bidding processes, specialized litigation in administrative matters and dispute resolution;
  5. Obtaining and renewing permits and/or authorizations;
  6. Advice on compliance with environmental and administrative laws and regulations by companies involved in the energy sector;
  7. Mergers and acquisitions;
  8. Access to capital markets;
  9. Contracts with suppliers, customers and investors;
  10. Design of structures in renewable energy projects;
  11. Audits for renewable energy projects.


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  • International Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • The Center for American and International Law
  • Rocky Mountain General Law.