Mexico City

Juan Carlos Serra
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Tenders and privatizations


Basham offers advice on bids and privatizations in all stages of the procedures, in privatization of public goods or services and in the filing of defense actions against proceedings arising from such operations. We advise both bidders and public agencies and entities.

In particular, the firm provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Public bids, restricted invitations and direct assignments.
  • Calls and bases for public bidding, steps to be followed and requirements to be met by each participant in the contracting procedures.
  • Integration of documentation for the timely submission of proposals, in conjunction with the client’s technical and financial areas.
  • All procedures related to contracting processes, including clarification meetings, bid openings and project awards, among others.
  • Guarantees to be granted in the contracting procedure, for advance payments, contract compliance and other related matters.
  • Administrative and judicial proceedings resulting from contracting processes, including disqualification of bidders.