Mexico City, April 13th, 2020.


On April 08, 2020 the Mexican Communications and Transportations Ministry (“SCT” for its acronym in Spanish) published in the Federal Official Gazette an administrative resolution detailing the essential activities considered for such Ministry.


As per the referred resolution, some of the activities considered as essential for SCT, are:



I.Preservation of federal highways.

II.Preservation and rehabilitation of agrarian roads.

III.Operation of the toll and free-toll highways network, as well as of all roads and bridges handed over to local and municipal governments for their operation, preservation and surveillance.



I.Air transport: (i) airport services; (ii) complementary services; (iii) support services for air navigation; and (iv) authorizations for humanitarian and rescue flights.

II.Railways: (i) rendering of services related to load and passenger’s railway transportation and all its auxiliary services; (ii) rehabilitation and preservation of railways; (iii) preservation and maintenance works of rail equipment.

III.Federal transportation: (i) load and passenger´s federal transportation services; (ii) maintenance of vehicles and supply of replacement parts; (iii) operation of load and unload services; (iv) courier and shipment services; and (v) passenger´s terminals.

IV.Maritime: (i) issuance of authorizations and permits for vessels rendering services to load and passenger´s transportation, as well as for the production and distribution of gas, oil, gasoline and jet-fuel; (ii) essential port works to secure proper operation of ports, including port projects from the private sector which purpose is the creation of strategic infrastructure for port operations and incentive to the economic activity.


3.Ports Operations:

I.Operations for the entry and exit of vessels, load and unload of merchandise and necessary passengers as to secure the continuity of supplies and goods.

II.Navigation services and those activities for the operation of vessels in ports requiring immediate attention from SCT.



I.Actions to guarantee the continuity of telecommunications networks.

II.Actions to safeguard critical infrastructure.

III.Shipping and courier services provided by the Mexican Postal Service.


Please note that the above-referred essential activities are just some of the ones included in the administrative resolution published by SCT.


The lawyers of the energy and infrastructure area as well as the transportation one at firm are available for any questions or comments on the above.



Juan Carlos Serra


Jorge Eduardo Escobedo Montaño


Miguel Figueroa Morgado


Pedro Reynoso Ramín


Ricardo Lan