The administrative law practice of Basham, Ringe y Correa covers various aspects of the relationship between individuals and the various administrative authorities at the federal, state and/or municipal levels. Our services include advice, consultation and procedural procedures before these types of authorities, and if necessary, administrative litigation and constitutional litigation.

  • Government contracting procedures (public bids, restricted invitation or direct award).
  • Conciliation and mediation procedures before public agencies.
  • Administrative liability of individuals, public officials and disqualifications to contract with the government.
  • Concessions of public property.
  • Declarations of public interest and expropriation procedures.
  • Concessions of public services.
  • Advice and management of authorizations, licenses and/or permits before federal, state and municipal authorities.
  • Attention to verification visits by federal, state and/or municipal authorities, as well as attention and follow-up to the sanction procedures derived from them.
  • State's patrimonial responsibility towards private parties.
  • Advice and management of administrative and judicial proceedings for alleged acts of corruption.
  • Preventive and corrective advice, as well as administrative and judicial proceedings with respect to the application of the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illicit Proceeds.
  • Administrative proceedings in the form of lawsuits before municipal, state and federal authorities.
  • Administrative lawsuits against municipal, state and federal authorities.
  • Constitutional proceedings in defense of acts of authority, against laws and regulations of general application.
  • Complaints and proceedings before the Inter-American Human Rights System against human rights violations committed by administrative authorities.

Relevant transactions


  • Representation of a transnational port company in administrative litigation and Amparo proceedings in connection with the challenge of a ruling in a public bidding procedure for the construction and operation of a port terminal.
  • Representation of a transnational tractor manufacturing company in Amparo proceedings against the actions of an industrial park developer (private party) for abuse in the concession of potable water and sewage services.
  • Representation of a German automotive company in a lawsuit against acts derived from an inspection visit of the environmental authorities for compliance with ecological standards.
  • Administrative procedure of temporary occupation in mining matters, administrative litigation and amparo proceedings on behalf of a Canadian company for the exploitation and benefit of a mining concession.
  • Representation of a transnational oil company in a claim and lawsuit procedure against a state-owned productive company for activities in the performance of a service contract.
  • Advised a transnational financial institution for filing a complaint for alleged acts of discrimination by its General Director, which led to the initiation of an administrative investigation procedure before the competent administrative authority.
  • Processing and obtaining an administrative permit for the installation of a powder magazine, as well as an import administration permit for the import of explosive base material for a transnational automotive company before the SEDENA.
  • Challenge to the award of a contract in a public bidding procedure for the piping of the Remedios River in the State of Mexico, by CONAGUA.
  • Administrative verification and sanction procedure by the Financial Intelligence Unit against a transnational luxury jewelry company.
  • Challenge on the grounds of public utility in expropriation proceedings of real estate affected by right of way for the laying of a pluvial connector in the state of Puebla.
  • Negotiation of a donation contract between a transnational personal hygiene products company and the local government for a social assistance program implemented in Mexico City.
  • Contentious-administrative proceeding on behalf of a transnational company for non-payment of a public contract by an Autonomous Constitutional Organization.
  • Attention to inspection visits and administrative sanction procedures (including closure) by municipal authorities due to the application of the Civil Protection Program in industrial plants of transnational companies.
  • Support in the regularization of industrial plants of transnational companies with respect to the permits and authorizations required for their operation in construction and civil protection matters.
  • Support in the verification and investigation of regulatory compliance in administrative matters related to construction, land use, civil protection, operation and other related matters at State, Municipal and Federal level with respect to a transnational company engaged in the manufacture of construction materials.
  • Legal advice and administrative procedure before the Financial Intelligence Unit on behalf of a Civil Association with international presence, in order to confirm the obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering in Mexico.
  • Representation of a transnational company engaged in the manufacture of food and beverages in the Amparo proceeding against provisions regarding the Sanitary Control of Products and Services.
  • Representation of a transnational company engaged in the manufacture of food and beverages in a proceeding initiated due to advertisements in the media for alleged discriminatory acts.
  • Support to a foreign firm during the development of an external compliance audit carried out in a Japanese automotive company.
  • Legal advice provided to a transnational company engaged in the manufacture of hearing implants with respect to consumer protection compliance with respect to warranties and service plans.
  • Representation of a hotel chain during a proceeding for the imposition of sanctions by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor) for verification of compliance with the provisions of adhesion contracts and conditions of services.