Anti-Corruption Reforms to be Approved in the Extraordinary Period of Sessions


(Continued from the Anti-Corruption Legislative Bulletin of May 6, 2009.)

Regarding the Secondary Laws on Anticorruption, on May 6, we informed that the Senate of the Republic closed the Ordinary Period of Sessions of the House, leaving pending 10 legislative projects, including the discussion of the secondary laws on Anticorruption, which according to the constitutional term should be published on May 28, committing to discuss them during an Extraordinary Period of Sessions.
On May 18, 2016, at a press conference held by the Coordinators of the Parliamentary Groups of the Senate of the Republic and of the Chamber of Deputies, through a Political Agreement, they committed to to open a Special Session from Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17 of this year. to discuss and approve, among other projects, the secondary laws of the National Anticorruption System.
As previously announced, the Bills that were discussed in the Senate, and that should be discussed in the so-called Extraordinary Period are:







Citizens' Initiative "Law 3 of 3".

The lawyers of the Anticorruption area are continuously monitoring the approval and publication of the Laws, and are at your service to resolve any doubts regarding the above.

Daniel del Río Loaiza          Mexico City
Rodolfo Barreda Alvarado, Esq. Mexico City
Liliana González Flores  Mexico City

Mexico City, May 19, 2016.