Mexico City, March 30th, 2020.

On March 27, 2020 the Mexican Health Ministry published in the Federal Official Gazette a Presidential Decree by means of which extraordinary measures are released to face COVID-19 in those regions that are being affected.

With immediate effects, the Mexican Health Ministry may implement the following extraordinary measures:

  1. Use any existing public, private and social auxiliary element and medical resources in the affected regions or those adjacent to them.
  2. Acquire any type of good and/or service, national or international, among them medical equipment, as well as any type of merchandise or object necessary to face the COVID-19 contingency, without requiring prior public tender for such purposes, for any amounts required.
  3. Import and authorize the importation, as well as the acquisition in Mexico of those goods and services referred in the decree without any prior administrative requirement, for any amounts or concept necessary o face the referred contingency.
  4. Carry out any measure to avoid price speculation and collection of essential supplies of those goods and services referred in the decree.
  5. Any additional action and/or measure considered necessary by the Mexican Health Ministry.


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Juan Carlos Serra

Jorge Eduardo Escobedo Montaño

Miguel Figueroa Morgado

Pedro Reynoso Ramín