IMSS: Social Security Law Reform. Implementation of IMSS mailbox.

Mexico City, April 25, 2023.

In the next few days, the Chamber of Deputies will analyze the draft reform to the Social Security Law which imposes on employers the obligation to use and implement the IMSS Mailbox.

This reform proposes that employers register their means of contact so that, through the IMSS Mailbox, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) can send notifications of various documents such as: notices, administrative resolutions, settlement notices and transmission of digital documents, among others.

It is also proposed that for those who do not update their contact information or provide erroneous information, IMSS notifications will be made by means of a notice.

Finally, for the operation of the IMSS Mailbox, the rules set forth in the Federal Tax Code will be applied on a supplementary basis to notify documents or initiate procedures that are not provided for in the Social Security Law.

The lawyers of the social security area are at your service to provide you with the support or advice you may require in this regard.



Gil Zenteno García


Santiago Villanueva Durán


Erick Miguel González Arreguín, Esq.


Sebastián González Salmón