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Miguel Ángel Hernández Ortíz

Criminal litigation



Law degree, Universidad del Valle de Mexico.

Master's Degree and Specialization in Criminal Sciences, Universidad Anáhuac de la Ciudad de México (North Campus).

He completed the Diploma in the Adversarial Criminal Justice System (Oral Trials), Universidad Anáhuac de la Ciudad de México (North Campus), in addition to many other diplomas, courses and conferences related to criminal matters and amparo.


Criminal law and corporate crime prevention; litigator and consultant.


He has been dedicated to criminal litigation for 25 years. At Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C., since 2006 to date, standing out for his extensive experience and solid background in all types of criminal litigation, particularly in those known as "white collar", as he has advised numerous leading companies globally and locally.

Advisor on "Corporate Criminal Compliance", to reduce legal risks on issues such as Money Laundering, Criminal Liability of Legal Entities, Extinction of Ownership, etc., as well as to solve all legal problems arising from the natural operation of the same.

Before joining Basham, Ringe y Correa, he worked from 1995 to 2006 at Bufete Aguilar y Quevedo, S.C., as part of the team of the renowned criminal lawyers Alonso and Gonzalo Aguilar Zinser.


He has obtained vast recognition for his outstanding trajectory and for the triumphs obtained in the Criminal Amparo, as well as for his mastery and management of all its associated resources, being recognized as one of the most important amparo lawyers within the firm. Expert in Human Rights and International Treaties, having obtained important and avant-garde resolutions that have meant a progressive and significant evolution in the rights of the victims or offended and/or the accused that did not exist before and that have motivated novel criteria by the Judicial Power of the Federation.