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María Fernanda Cruz Zamudio


Graduated from Universidad Anáhuac in Querétaro, she holds a Master's degree in Corporate Law, currently in the process of completion. She successfully concluded the Finance for Non-financiers course at the Universidad Panamericana. Additionally, she completed a diploma in Corporate Law at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Business English


With a professional trajectory of seven years in the Corporate Practice, she has dedicated her career to providing legal counsel to multinational companies in key sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, food, and commercial industries, specifically in the process of establishing commercial entities in México, and negotiation of civil and commercial contracts. Throughout her experience, she has spearheaded the conduct of exhaustive legal Due diligence, particularly prior to significant transactions such as the sale of shares or corporate assets. This endeavor has been essential in ensuring transparency and legal security in such operations. Moreover, she has had the privilege of actively participating in the negotiation and drafting of share purchase agreements, ensuring that her clients' interests are protected and that all relevant legal formalities are met. Another crucial aspect of her work has been providing comprehensive assistance for the annual compliance with corporate obligations, which involves a deep understanding of current legal regulations and an ability to adapt to regulatory changes. Lastly, she has had the opportunity to offer legal advice in processes of merger and liquidation of commercial entities, where her proactive approach and conflict resolution skills have been key to achieving successful outcomes in complex situations. Her commitment to professional excellence, ability to work under pressure, and effective communication skills with clients and colleagues have allowed her to excel in the corporate legal field and contin- ue contributing to the success of the companies she represents.


Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions Practice.