Mexico City, December 3th, 2019.


On November 26, 2019 the National Infrastructure Investment Plan (“Infrastructure Plan”) that federal government intends to implement during the coming years was announced, which contemplates the development of 147 projects in different areas, such as: (i) transportation; (ii) telecommunications; (iii) health; (iv) water and sanitation, and (v) tourism.


Estimated investments for this plan are of $859.00 billion pesos, this is, approximately USD $43.88 billion.


The purpose is to achieve an annual investment in infrastructure projects of 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during the coming 5 years with the support of the private sector.


Among the most relevant projects included in the Infrastructure Plan are: (i) the expansion of the port of Dos Bocas, in the State of Tabasco; (ii) the expansion and remodeling of 17 airports around the country, mainly in the south region; (iii) the development of roads in the Bajio region; (iv) 8 train projects and 22 ports; (v) 15 tourism projects, including thematic parks and hotels; (vi) the so called Mexican National Stadium.


Through 2020 it is estimated that 72 projects will commence their development, while the remaining 75 during the period 2021 – 2024.


This Infrastructure Plan includes among other investment options, the fact that private investors may propose some projects to federal government.


As per the announcement made, the following steps in the implementation of the Infrastructure Plan will consist in:


  1. Identify the project and carrying out the basic engineering.
  2. Execution of a technical analysis as to determine the benefit – cost.
  3. Publication of the respective tender.


It is expected that the projects contemplated for 2020 commence to be tendered at the beginning of such year.


The lawyers of the energy and infrastructure are at the firm are available for any question or comments on the above.




Juan Carlos Serra


Jorge Eduardo Escobedo Montaño 


Jorge Cobos Franco


Miguel Figueroa Morgado