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Technology has evolved rapidly and as a consequence there are now new innovative financial products and services, unprecedented changes in the financial industry, and both in Mexico and internationally the legal framework is changing rapidly. This brings immediate implications for our clients in the banking and financial industry, but also for those clients who are born with the change: the Fintechs. Innovations in financial technology are creating a «new normal» that presents intense challenges for industry leaders, unique opportunities for new entrants, and considerable pressures on regulators trying to keep up with the pace of change. We help our clients navigate this industry and comply with legal, commercial and regulatory requirements. Enabling them to successfully achieve their business objectives, protecting their technology and intellectual property, and complying with applicable regulatory requirements as they revolutionize the financial services industry.

At Basham, Ringe y Correa we offer a unique service based on a thorough understanding of the application of new technologies to the financial markets, the complexity behind each technology, and their legal implications. We mainly advise payment methods providers, traditional banks, start-ups, investors, payment methods companies, technology companies, among others. In payments, we advise our clients on domestic and international mobile payments, new global money transmission products and strategic acquisitions to expand network operations internationally.

Maximizing the efficiency of client activities is one of the main purposes of Basham, whose strength lies in the ability to evaluate cases in a cross-cutting manner with the involvement of key practices from offices strategically located in four major Mexican cities.