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In Health matters, we provide consultancy in various aspects related to the subject, keeping our clients informed at all times about the normative and regulatory changes that must be observed by manufacturers, suppliers and importers, among others, for activities related to the manufacture and sale of medicines, medical devices, food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), tobacco, cleaning products, fertilizers, pesticides, toxic substances, veterinary and other similar products subject to health regulations.

The practice group offers the following services in this area, among others, advising on:

  • Internal audits to determine compliance with health regulations.
  • Processing and obtaining permits and sanitary registrations from the Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks ("COFEPRIS") and other competent health authorities.
  • Specific administrative procedures in health matters, lodging of appeals with administrative venue
  • Lobbying and negotiations with health authorities.
  • Obtaining import authorizations for products subject to sanitary control for marketing in Mexico.
  • Obtaining authorizations to advertise products subject to sanitary regulation.
  • Consulting and analysis of Mexican Official Health Standards.
  • Consulting in connection with the legal requirements for the manufacture, supply, distribution, marketing and importation of products subject to sanitary regulations.
  • Confirmation of criteria by health authorities.
  • Review of product labeling and packaging in accordance with Mexican Official Standards.

Representative Transactions

  • Assistance to GlaxoSmithKline Inc. in Health matters in the audit of the pharmaceutical company Darier in connection with the purchase of shares.
  • Representation in health matters to the first Laboratory in Mexico with technology to carry out the classification of germ cells for the conception of a baby of the desired sex.
  • Support and advice in legal defense to major international pharmaceutical companies to carry out renewals of Sanitary Registrations of drugs and medical devices.
  • Legal advice to S.C. Johnson and Son to carry out modification to the Registration conditions.
  • Sanitary Pesticides and renewal of the same.