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Infrastructure is an essential axis for boosting a country's growth. Infrastructure projects include works and projects in areas such as transportation (airports, roads, ports, railroads), energy (electricity, renewable energy, mining, oil and gas), real estate developments (hotels, housing, commercial) and social developments (water treatment plants, aqueducts, energy projects, social rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools), among others.

Our firm offers services related to large-scale and complex infrastructure projects, representing several national and multinational companies.

As a leader in Mexico's most important operations, our immersion in infrastructure projects includes legal advice for the procurement of highways, bridges and tunnels, railways, mass transit systems, airports, ports, water treatment plants, aqueducts, social rehabilitation centers, hospitals and other facilities essential for the development of the country's economic activity. There are also private infrastructure projects in which Basham has been an important part. Among these we can find large projects, such as industrial plants and factories, including, but not limited to, water bottling facilities, automotive parts manufacturing facilities, renewable energy power generation parks, paper and packaging production facilities.

We have actively participated in the development of infrastructure projects in Mexico, advising clients in their participation in public bids by the federal, state and local governments, as well as in the procurement of private projects.

Our experience, added to our close contact with the public entities involved, allows us to offer efficient and fast service. In addition, our comprehensive services have allowed us to work with regulators and government authorities, as well as leading private sector players, enabling us to offer an unparalleled tailor-made service. We offer a commercially oriented service with proven experience, capable of analyzing our clients' projects and providing advice from all legal perspectives.


  1. Advice for participation in public bids related to the development of infrastructure projects.
  2. Advice on project financing.
  3. Advice on regulatory matters for the development of infrastructure projects, particularly on federal, state and/or municipal issues, permits, licenses and authorizations.
  4. Legal audits of existing projects or projects under development in various states and municipalities in Mexico.
  5. Advice on environmental issues.
  6. Advice on real estate issues for the development of the projects, including issues related to the securing of the land where the projects will be carried out.
  7. Advice on agrarian matters, specifically with respect to ejido matters and disincorporation of land from the ejido regime to private ownership.
  8. Preparation and review of various contracts for the development of projects, including EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and OM (Operation and Maintenance).
  9. Advice on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP);


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  • International Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • The Center for American and International Law
  • Rocky Mountain General Law.