Mexico City

Juan Carlos Serra
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Our firm offers services related to the mining industry, representing several national and international companies, as well as companies that grant financing to them.

We have actively participated in the development of mining projects in different regions of Mexico, advising clients in obtaining mining concessions from the federal government, as well as in the purchase of mining companies and assets.

Basham offers a wide range of services at the highest standards in the mining sector, from consulting on mineral extraction, real estate, permitting and licensing and gas related to mining deposits, providing advice on related matters such as acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, tax, litigation, and environmental.

Our experience, added to our close contact with the public entities involved, allows us to offer efficient and fast service. As a full-service law firm, we are able to analyze our clients' projects and provide advice from all legal perspectives. We offer a tailor-made, unparalleled, commercially oriented legal service with proven experience in the mining sector.


  1. Advice on the incorporation of mining companies and their registration with the Mining Public Registry;
  2. Project financing;
  3. Dispute resolution and specialized litigation in administrative matters;
  4. Legal audits of mining companies;
  5. Advice on regulatory matters;
  6. Consulting on environmental issues;
  7. Management, operating, royalty and metal sales contracts;
  8. Obtaining and renewing permits and/or authorizations, as well as mining concessions;
  9. Purchase and sale of mining companies;
  10. Temporary use or expropriation of surface rights on mining procedures;
  11. Tax and corporate restructuring of mining companies;
  12. Advice on real estate issues affecting mining projects, including ejido land.


  • IUS Laboris
  • ICC Fraudnet
  • Talklaw Global
  • International Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • The Center for American and International Law
  • Rocky Mountain General Law.