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Social Security


Our team is composed of highly experienced and recognized leaders in the field, who are constantly being updated to advice on high-level impact matters, related to the criterions issued by IMSS and INFONAVIT with respect to specific legal entities’ cases. 

We understand that every client expects objective and efficient solutions which can be trusted and relied upon. In this regard, and based on our experience, we have developed several strategies to improve our services to offer our clients effective, complete and timely solutions to their concerns. 

The success level Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C., has achieved with social security matters relies on the proper approach with the relevant authorities (IMSS and INFONAVIT). We are in constant communication with said authorities to obtain favorable solutions for our clients. Every procedure is supervised by the specialized lawyers and partners leaders of the practice, so we can assure offering fully-integrated, high quality and tailored solutions to every client. 

We provide preventive and strategic advice, including the following services: 

  • Advice on calculation of basic salary used for determining social security contributions.
  • Review and determination of work risk premiums.
  • Analysis of legal effects concerning certificates and incapacity reports
  • Advice on the proper fulfilment of work risk formats (ST-7) with social security authorities.
  • Advice on pension applications and funds disposal with AFORES and INFONAVIT
  • Correction of workers data by homonymies or duplicity of Social Security numbers (NSS).
  • Analysis of weeks of contributions records with the IMSS
  • Urgent opening of the employer registry with the IMSS sub delegations
  • Review, determination and elaboration of formats for correct classification of the company's activity with the work risks insurance.
  • Cancellation of employer registry.
  • Reactivation of employer records cancelled by IMSS for not locating the employer’s domicile.
  • Analysis of withholding notices for credits granted by INFONAVIT to employees of the companies.
  • Significant reduction in amounts payable for improper social security assessments
  • Immediate solution for clarification and cancellation of tax credits not executed in IMSS and INFONAVIT system.
  • Cancellation of tax credits with IMSS sub delegations.
  • Refund of assessed contributions to social security authorities without legal justification.
  • Compliance with social security obligations.
  • Review of personnel services agreements, and submission of notices with IMSS for the fulfillment of social security and INFONAVIT requirements.
  • Attention to audits practiced by IMSS and INFONAVIT.
  • Update of employers’ cards and designation of legal representatives with social security authorities.

We are aware of the importance of the time devoted and adequate defense of their interests against illegal or arbitrary acts of authorities; This allows us to represent them on high-profile litigation: due to the amount in dispute, importance of the criterion involved, relevance of the judicial case law for the sector or industry involved or the difficulty or extreme complexity, whose resolutions or rulings are novel in the legal field and are part of relevant case law, through the following mecanisms: 

  • Administrative appeals with IMSS/INFONAVIT. 
  • Nullity procedures (claims) with the Federal Court of Administrative Justice. 
  • Amparo lawsuits with District Courts or Collegiate Circuit Courts. 
  • Amparos in Review with the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. 
  • Labor lawsuits for the designation of beneficiaries, pensions, etc., of the social security benefits

Labor lawsuits for the designation of beneficiaries, pensions, etc., of the social security benefits  

The lawyers and partners of the area are constantly exhibitors of topical and relevant issues in domestic and foreign forums, they also write and publish articles in magazines or specialized media.