Mexico City, November 18, 2020.


Today the Ministry of Economy published in the Official Gazette of the Federation the "ACUERDO por el que se dan a conocer las tablas de correlación entre las fracciones arancelarias de la Tarifa de la Ley de los Impuestos Generales de Importación y de Exportación (TIGIE) 2012 y 2020.", The above, in order to clearly identify the correspondence between the tariff items of the Tariff that will be in effect until December 27, 2020 and those applicable as of December 28, 2020, for their application and interpretation in other foreign trade instruments and programs.


The predecessor of this publication is the "Decree enacting the Law on General Import and Export Taxes and amending and adding various provisions of the Customs Law." (DOF July 1, 2020), which implemented the Sixth Amendment to the texts of the Nomenclature of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System to the Harmonized Commodity Description System approved by the World Customs Organization, through which new goods are incorporated, descriptions are modified and goods that are no longer represented in world trade flows are eliminated.


With the present publication, the Ministry of Economy complies with the mandate set forth in article 2, section II, Complementary Rule 10, fourth paragraph, paragraph b) of the Law of General Import and Export Taxes.


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A T T E N T A M E N T,


Sergio N. Barajas


Roberto Serralde


Felix Ponce


Rolando A. Ramirez


Priscila del Ángel