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Estate Planning

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Our firm advises individuals and families in the organization and planning of their relevant assets, eliminating uncertainty as to how a person’s estate will be administered and seeking to maximize the value of their wealth through appropriate investment, reduction of unnecessary tax burdens and other expenses.

This area also seeks to organize and preserve the assets of minors and disabled persons, as well as the protection of family assets against various commercial, legal or security risks.

We advise different high net worth families on the regulation of the coexistence of their members and their companies, through protocols, trusts and corporate governance regulations, among others.

Our services include

  • Advice on estate planning in life or mortis causa, with low tax impact and certainty in the succession;
  • The design and implementation of adequate legal figures and patrimonial vehicles, in order to protect the patrimony and plan its disposition;
  • Diagnosis, regular monitoring and adjustment of the structures implemented, in order to determine their continuity and fiscal efficiency, based on legislative changes;
  • The legal audit, regularization and inventory of the assets to be protected;
  • Family corporate governance;
  • Regularization of tax obligations;
  • Advice on tax transparency and capital repatriation;
  • Structuring insurance for the protection of assets and individuals (e.g. inheritance equalization);
  • Family office coordination;
  • Resolution of legal controversies in inheritance matters.