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Oil and Gas

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Our firm advises national and international companies in the provision of services related to the oil and gas sectors, obtaining and renewing governmental authorizations and permits, marketing equipment to public and private entities, as well as advising clients in the purchase of companies and assets used in the oil and gas sectors.

The oil and gas sector in Mexico has always been subject to complex legal and regulatory issues. Derived from the 2013 constitutional reforms in energy matters, a new legal framework was approved by the Mexican Congress and, therefore, new legislation and rules have been applied to the activities related to this sector.

Our oil and gas practice can provide legal assistance in matters related to downstream, midstream and upstream issues.

Our firm’s clients include oil companies, state-owned oil companies, independent exploration and production companies, developers of liquefied natural gas projects, companies involved in the production, transportation, storage and retailing of gasoline, diesel and natural gas, as well as companies that require natural gas and other petroleum products for their day-to-day operations and activities. We also provide legal services to developers of natural gas, gasoline and diesel pipelines for the development of their projects in Mexico.

Our firm advises clients in connection with the implementation of legal and commercial schemes to import, distribute and sell gasoline and diesel in Mexican territory, which prior to 2013 was completely prohibited for private companies.

Additionally, our firm advises clients in connection with their participation in bidding procedures called by the National Hydrocarbons Commission for the award of hydrocarbon exploration and extraction contracts.

Our firm is able to provide complete legal services and solutions to client problems requiring advice on oil and gas projects because we have lawyers specialized in almost all legal areas.

Our services include:

  1. Development and financing of energy projects.
  2. LNG projects.
  3. LPG projects.
  4. Petrochemical projects.
  5. Design and implementation of bidding processes for oil and natural gas production.
  6. Oilfield services contracts.
  7. Supply and sales contracts.
  8. Co-investments.
  9. Specialized administrative litigation.
  10. Mergers and acquisitions.
  11. Access to capital markets.
  12. Public offerings.
  13. Strategy partnerships and alliances.
  14. Obtaining permits.
  15. Exploration and exploitation agreements.
  16. Gas stations.
  17. Transportation and distribution of oil and gas and other petroleum products.
  18. Regulatory and environmental issues.
  19. Land use and occupation.


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