Basham launches its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) practice group



Basham, Ringe y Correa, listened to and understood the growing need for environmental, social and governance considerations and recently launched its ESG practice group in Mexico.

In the design of its clients’ business models, corporate reorganizations and operations, and in the decision-making process to gain the resiliency and competitive advantage, it´s essential that those processes include the correct implementation of sustainability strategies. This is reflected in the growing tendency among investors and consumers, in general, to consider whether a company has ESG-oriented governance when making their investment or branding decisions. That is, assess whether the company or brand is being respectful of the environment, and how it treats its employees and vulnerable communities. In other words, not taking into account ESG factors can generate non-financial liabilities, affecting the value of a company, as well as its position in the market and failing to meet the expectations of investors and customers. Bearing in mind the above, the consequences of whether or not to have a proper understanding and application of these principles can be a determining factor for the success or failure of a company.

This movement has led to the need for companies to understand how to carry out an effective implementation and application of the ESG factors in their business model and strategies, including legal, regulatory, and best-practice areas.

About its ESG practice

The ESG factors to be taken into consideration are broad, diverse, and differ according to the different sectors and the needs of each of our clients.

The ESG Practice Group advises and helps our clients identify ESG factors relevant to their company and business in order to reduce potential risks and take advantage of the opportunities offered by ESG integration. As a full-service law firm, Basham is ideally positioned to assist its clients with ESG assessment and integration as we can fully adapt and meet our clients’ needs. Its ESG team is integrated by a multidisciplinary group of experts in environmental, regulatory, human capital & employment, corporate, finance, and M&A matters with a deep and clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that a sustainability-related approach can have as well as the needs of their clients to be covered to correctly implement ESG factors in their business based in the existing international standards. The ESG team at Basham will be more than glad to assist in any matter related to this highly in demand topic.