COFECE initiates an investigation in the retail e-commerce market in Mexico in order to determine the possible existence of barriers to competition and free competition and/or essential inputs that may generate anti-competitive effects.


Mexico City, March 31, 2022.


The Federal Economic Competition Commission ("COFECE") published today the notice of initiation of the ex officio investigation under file number IEBC-001-2022 in order to determine the possible existence of barriers to competition and free concurrence and/or essential inputs in the retail e-commerce market that may generate anti-competitive effects in the national territory.

Regarding this investigation, COFECE pointed out that there are elements that suggest that there are no conditions of effective competition in the retail e-commerce market in Mexican territory.

In this investigation, COFECE may request information in writing, conduct verification visits, as well as summon economic agents that participate or have a relationship with such market to testify. Pursuant to the Federal Antitrust Law, the economic agents that are requested and visited must cooperate and submit the requested information to COFECE.

The purpose of the publication of this investigation is to provide any economic agent with an interest in the investigation with the opportunity to cooperate and state what is in their best interest in relation to the market under investigation.

At the conclusion of the investigation, COFECE may, as the case may be, order the corresponding economic agent to eliminate the barriers that unduly affect the competition process, determine the divestiture of assets, rights, social parts or shares thereof, in the proportions necessary to eliminate the anticompetitive effects and issue recommendations to the authorities when there are legal provisions that unduly impede or distort competition and free concurrence.


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Amilcar Peredo


Fernanda Garza


León Jiménez