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Diana Rangel León

Constitutional/ Administrative/ Environmental / Regulatory/ Litigation



Currently leads the firm's administrative, environmental, and constitutional law department. Conducts consultancy and litigation in administrative, regulatory, environmental, and authority relations matters, as well as anticorruption and administrative responsibility of companies.Has extensive experience in constitutional litigation and advice on administrative procedures, contentious lawsuits, and Amparo proceedings in various fields. 

Generates strategic litigation in constitutional and administrative matters.

She was a Clerk at the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice for seven years, where she drafted resolutions on education, public land law, environment law, social security, water access, discrimination, indigenous law, banking, and administrative and amparo proceedings rules.

She has also prepared reports for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.In addition, she was an advisor to the Mexican Congress on constitutional reforms in subjects such as education, labor, energy, environmental, finance, open government, anticorruption, politics, and finance. She is an author and editorial coordinator of the first handbook for judging administrative law with a gender perspective, Published by the Supreme Court of Justice in 2022.






Member of ANADE National Corporate Lawyers Association

Member of Abogadas MX. Association of Women Lawyers of Mexico

Member of the Lex Mundi Association.

Member of the IBA International Bar Association




Master's Degree in Constitutional Law and Human Rights. Universidad Panamericana. 

Diploma in Constitutional Law. University of Salamanca, Spain. 

Law Degree. The National Autonomous University of Mexico.