Mexico City, July 2nd, 2020.


On June 30th, 2020, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (“FECC) issued a sixth general resolution (the “Sixth Suspension”) that extends the previous suspension of filing deadlines for certain proceedings.

The Commission decided that all deadlines would be suspended from July 1 through 10th, 2020, resuming on July 13th, 2020, except for the specific proceedings detailed set forth below:

  • Pre-merger notifications and opinions or resolutions in the granting of licenses, concessions, permits and other similar proceedings.
  • Requests for formal opinions under the Federal Economic Competition Law (“FECL”) Articles 104-109”).
  • General orientation proceedings under FECL Article 110.
  • Formal opinions under FECL Article 12, sections XII, XIII, XIV, XV and XVIII.
  • Public consultation under FECL Article 138 and General Regulation Article 191.
  • The Immunity and Leniency Proceeding. under FECL Article 103
  • The fine reduction related to commitments for abuse of dominance cases or illegal mergers proceeding under FECL Articles 100-102.
  • The stage after the conclusion of investigations of monopolistic practices or illegal mergers, under FECL Article 78.
  • The procedure and formalities necessary to process additional documentary evidence, to the extent such evidence is limited to filing of documents.
  • The deadlines to file pleadings in incidents and trial-like proceedings, as well as the issuance of the resolution of closure of the file.
  • The proceedings to carry out the oral hearing provided for in article 83, section VI of the FECL.
  • The deadline for the Board of Commissioners to issue a resolution in any proceeding, provided that the file is already completed, and until the notification of the corresponding resolution.


The suspension of deadlines does not imply labor suspension of the FECC staff, who continue working remotely. The FECC’s filing office remain open in their regular schedules.

All filings made between March 20th and July 10th, 2020 regarding suspended proceedings will be deemed as having been filed on July 13th, 2020.


The Competition and Antitrust Practice of the firm will be pleased to provide any additional information on the topic.


S I N C E R E L Y,


Amilcar Peredo


Fernanda Garza


León Jiménez


Carmina Paredes