Third Wholesale Electric Market Auction


Third Wholesale Electric Market Auction
The National Center of Energy Control (“CENACE” for its acronym in Spanish) has recently announced its intention to release, on April 28, 2017, the bidding guidelines for the third wholesale electric market auction.
Pursuant to the latest information released, CENACE is currently reviewing the final changes and additions to the bidding guidelines, model contracts and related auction documents.
It is worth mentioning that, as of March 2017, two electric auctions have been carried out by CENACE with a successful result for Mexico and will bring investments of approximately USD $6.5 billion dollars.
Projects related to the first and second electric auctions will be located within 15 States of Mexico.
The lawyers of the energy, mining and infrastructure area of our firm are available for any questions or comments on the above.

Juan C. Serra

Jorge E. Escobedo


Mexico City March 16th 2017