Aerial Electronic Multiple Immigration Form


Immigration authorities have recently implemented the use of the Aerial Electronic Multiple Immigration Form (herein the Aerial MIF), which is seeking to be a new mechanism that provides fast and effective entry to the country for foreign individuals.
The Aerial MIF is applicable to those foreign nationals seeking to enter Mexican territory by air, for a period that doesn’t exceeds 180 calendar days. These individuals have no permission to render gainful activities, regardless of their country of origin.
The Aerial MIF is mainly designed for tourists and business visitors.
The Aerial MIF: i) can be filled out at the web site of the National Immigration Institute; ii) starting of the date of filling and printing, has a maximum validity of 30 days prior to arrival to Mexico; iii) expedites entrance of foreign individuals through points of entry; iv) provides proof of the foreigner’s lawful stay in the country; and v) it allows free transit among the different states of the Mexican territory.
Notwithstanding the above, the regular FMM is still enforceable, and may be completed directly at the ports of entry.
Furthermore, foreign nationals must comply with all the applicable requirements for entry, according to their nationality.


Lic. Alejandro Barrera Fernández Mexico City
Lic. Margarita Ortíz Hernández Mexico City

Mexico City, May 10th 2016.