Mexico City, June 24th, 2022.


In May 2022, the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (“INAI”) published its most recent document and guide for protecting personal data «Recommendations for the Processing of Personal Data derived from the use of Artificial Intelligence.» (“Guide”). It establishes the main recommendations for the public and private sectors concerning using Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).

The Authority provides several recommendations to comply with the guiding data protection principles. For example, to comply with purpose specification principle, the Authority suggests including within the Privacy Notice all the purposes for which personal data is processed through the AI product or service. To comply with the principle of proportionality, it is suggested that the AI process the necessary, adequate, and relevant data for the purpose collected, among other recommendations.

The Authority briefly explains the origins and types of artificial intelligence, its applications in multiple areas such as public safety, education, mass data analysis, cloud computing, e-government, and more.

The Guide highlights a chart of recommendations according to each principle within the Mexican data protection legislation, a checklist for private and public sector, controllers, when developing or implementing a product using AI, and a best practices checklist.

It is undoubtedly a relevant document of great utility as AI becomes relevant to business and citizens’ lives. AI aims to revolutionize the industry and the way we work today.

You can access the Guide through the following link.

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