Trademark Watch Service in Mexico


Since Mexico is a member of the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of marks, the applications that enter into examination in our country by designation made under said international agreement, do not have a legal representative in Mexico responsible of its prosecution procedure, including the new opposition stage.
Considering the above, Basham is offering a specialized watch service for the trademark applications filed in Mexico through the International Trademark Registration System and therefore we could assist by, closely reviewing the prosecution including the opposition stage. In order to be able to provide this service, it would be necessary that we receive a notification of any designations for Mexico made within an International Registration or regarding subsequent designations.
It is important to mention that this service can also be provided for the surveillance of trademark applications and registrations that are not formally under our care, but which might be of interest.
The partners and attorneys of our Intellectual Property department are at your disposal for answering any questions you may have in respect to this new procedure.




Jose Hinojosa
Martin Michaus
Eduardo Kleinberg
Adolfo Athie
Claudio Ulloa
Jorge Vega

Mexico City, September 19th 2016.