Important information for our clients and community.


Basham, Ringe y Correa, SC (BASHAM) has identified the existence of at least three web pages (, and ) through which, respectively, they are usurping our identity by improperly using our name as a Firm and some of the images of our lawyers indicating a different name, in order to offer legal services to the general public.

Any offer of legal services related to said web pages or derived from them are not linked to BASHAM. Therefore, we reiterate to our clients and to the general public that the only official BASHAM sites are:

  1. Official website:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Instagram:
  4. LinkedIn:
  5. Twitter:
  6. Twitter:
  7. Threads:

BASHAM does not have any other web page, social network or any other type of digital space other than those previously mentioned, therefore, from the moment the unlawful conduct occurred, and from now on, we distance ourselves from any fraudulent activity carried out by third parties and we inform you that BASHAM is preparing the appropriate legal actions to protect our identity and the legal services that it has offered in Mexico for more than 100 years.

Therefore, in this circumstance, in case you identify any other web page or social network and/or have doubts about the veracity of any legal service under our name, we make the following email available to you: