Mexico City, March 24th, 2020.

  On March 24, 2020 the Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of the State of Mexico published in the State of Mexico’s Official Gazette the accordance by means of which various measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Entity’s territory are implemented, same that came effective  on the same date of publication (herein after the “Accordance”).

The Accordance instructs Economic Units (manufacturers of goods and services) to immediately adopt the following measures:

1.Temporary suspension of activities in:

a)High Impact Economic Units whose main activity foresees the sale of alcoholic beverages for its immediate consumption or per glass, including, bars, ballrooms, nightclubs and video bars with dance floor, discotheques, beer halls, number draw rooms, remote betting centres (casinos) and bar restaurants.

b)Premises which capacity or operation may represent a sanitary risk such as: centres, malls, movie theatres, gyms, theatres, auditoriums, forums, public shows, event rooms, etc.

2.Exceptions to the suspension referred to in number 1 above apply to the establishments which main activity consist of the preparation, sale or retail of food and non-alcoholic beverages, as long as its delivery is in the establishment or through home delivery.

3.Order is given for the following establishments to reduce their capacity to a 25%:

a)Establishments selling support products for workplaces and schools; home improvement and maintenance; service centres, maintenance and workshops; vets and pet food sales; beauty salons and lodging services establishments.

b)Department stores must limit their capacity to a 25% and limit the access to the establishment to the sale of essentials and the products referred to in section a above.

4.Economic Units that have not been ordered to suspend activities must observe and promote the sanitary measures dictated by the Government of the State of Mexico, including those foreseen in the national day of healthy distance.

This category includes, without limitation:

a)Self-service stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, markets, farmers markets, miscellaneous stores and similar.

b)Economic Units dedicated to primary and secondary manufacturing activities; banking and non-banking financial institutions; hydrocarbon distribution centres; pawnshops; distribution and logistics services’ centres for the industry and supply; electronic commerce; sale points of goods and supply connected with the health, public safety and civil protection sectors.

5.The violations to the Accordance’s dispositions will be sanctioned with the enforcement and disciplinary measures foreseen in the Administrative Code of the State of Mexico, such as: admonition or warning, fine, auxiliary use of public force, appearance before the Public Prosecutor, expulsion of the person of the place where the diligence is being conducted.


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