REPSE Renewal.

Mexico City February 22, 2024

The general guidelines for the renewal of registration of individuals and/or companies as specialized services providers (REPSE) were published in the Federation Official Gazette on February 21, 2024.  Article 15 of the Mexican Federal Labor Law requires these providers to register and renew their status.  

The Labor and Social Welfare Ministry implemented the Registry of Specialized Services Providers on May 25, 2021 to comply with regulations regarding outsourcing of services.   This REPSE has been essential for establishing the Public Register of Contractors of Specialized Services, providing a clear identification of the providers of these types of services.

Individuals or companies registered in REPSE must renew their registration every three years, as required by the Federal Labor Law.  The renewal request must be submitted three months before the registration expires, even if no changes have been made to it.

As a result of this, the Labor Ministry has published the procedure to renew the authorization as specialized services providers, as follows:

  • Individuals or companies who want to renew their registration must access the following platform and provide the required information.  They must also be current with their tax and social security obligations at the time of the renewal application.  Furthermore, they must specify the services they offer, which must match their corporate purpose for their legal entities and/or their tax activities for individuals. They must also submit accurate information and relevant documentation, such as trainings, certifications and equipment that evidence their specialty.

  • After completing the information upload process, the registrant will receive an entry folio number.  The Labor Ministry will review the application and renew the registration and update the Registry if all requirements are met.  The registrant will also obtain a renewal notice with the following information: registration number, folio number for the specialized services, name of the authorized specialized services and name of the registrant. 

For the renewal process, the REPSE platform will enable a module called «Registration Renewal,» which can only be accessed during the period defined by the Labor Ministry, in accordance with date that appears in the original registration notice.  The schedule issued by the Labor Ministry is:

Year of RegistrationMonth of RegistrationPeriod of Renewal
      2021JuneMarch – May 2024
JulyApril – June 2024
AugustMay – July 2024
SeptemberJune – August 2024
OctoberJuly – September 2024
NovemberAugust – October 2024
DecemberSeptember – November 2024
           2022JanuaryOctober – December 2024
FebruaryNovember – January 2025
MarchDecember – February 2025
AprilJanuary – March 2025
MayFebruary – April 2025
JuneMarch – May 2025
JulyApril – June 2025
AugustMay – July 2025
SeptemberJune – August 2025
OctoberJuly – September 2025
NovemberAugust – October 2025
DecemberSeptember – November 2025
            2023JanuaryOctober – December 2025
FebruaryNovember – January 2026
MarchDecember – February 2026
AprilJanuary – March 2026
MayFebruary – April 2026
JuneMarch – May 2026
JulyApril – June 2026
AugustMay – July 2026
SeptemberJune – August 2026
OctoberJuly – September 2026
NovemberAugust – October 2026
DecemberSeptember – November 2026

The renewal of registration should be done within the establish period, or it will be canceled. If the registration is canceled, a new registration process should be submitted, and the registration will be valid as of the new date.

After you complete the registration renewal, services providers must inform their beneficiaries of specialized services of such renewal of REPSE.

Once the registration renewal is completed, it will be necessary to inform the beneficiaries (clients) of the specialized services or works about the renewal of the REPSE.

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This note was prepared with the support of Ana Sofia Lazcano.


Jorge De Presno

David Puente

Luis Álvarez